Dutch caricaturists: It's a type of self censorship

Dutch caricaturists, in general, do no publish caricatures of Muhammad. The reasons center around the same issue. “It’s a type of self censorship,” says caricaturist Stefan Verwey. Peter De Wit: “I have big windows and I want to keep them whole.” A political cartoonist for Het Parool, Joep Bertrams: “It bring loads of trouble. Why would I add oil to the fire?”

Some Dutch caricaturists think that a “draw Muhammed week” should be organized in order to defend freedom of the press, but none of them were willing to have their name mentioned in print.

One caricaturist is putting out a book about Muhammed, in which the prophet will be shown with his minor wife, Aisha, in a compromising pose. The artist will only be featured under a pseudonym: Gregorius Nekschot.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Especially a country such as The Netherlands, which is considered as liberal to a wide range of views, should procede with such a "draw Mohammed week". Either to just support the Danish, or to defend their own freedom of speech. But what can we expect from a country, which didn't allow itself to broadcast Submission anywhere since its director was murdered..?

Anonymous said...

The dutch have done wrong. When you dont understand the freedom that Islam offers, you start comparing it with the freedom of the west.

What is freedom. I have been to all parts of the world, and I can tell you that the freedom that the west talks about isn't freedom at all.

It is soul isolation and soul imprisionment with the mental self which puts physical body into anarchy. This anarchy is called freedom by the west.

If you dont know and understand Islam, do not act against it, for Islam will not harm you, but the dedication that the true belivers and knowers will force their human self to hate the wrong doers.

So world, please have patience while joking with others sentiments as in the short as well as long run it is one of the scars that the joked-upon will never forgive... no matter how much you repent. The wound will never ever heal.. and will never ever let the wrong-doer and their generation to escape with.

Esther said...


It is the secular state that enables the European Muslims to practice their religion in peace.

Finding a meaning to life is what religion is all about, but you cannot force your interpretation on another society, especially when it is an open society that is offering everybody any option they might choose. It is your right to choose your own path for your soul and your neighbor's right to choose his own.

"The wound will never heal"? How does that fit with Islam being a religion of peace and love? Do I tell a child that he has insulted me and that therefore I'll never forgive him because I love him?