Increasing support for asylum seekers

More and more Dutch are taking in homeless asylum seekers since they think Verdonk's policies are cruel.

The National Support Base for Ondocumented (LOS) gives out information on how to help out asylum seekers and the number of phone calls in increasing5. Rian Ederveen, manager of the organization, doesn't have facts to base his impressions, given the secretive nature of the issue. Nobody wants to get in trouble with the police for helping illegal immigrants. However, he says that most other organizations dealing with illegal immigrants are getting the same impression.

"We know now that not every asylum seeker can stay in Holland, but that a mother and a kid must sleep in the street, is going too far for more and more Dutch people."

According to Ederveen, most of the activists are Christians or leftists.

Source: Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch)

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