Weekly Roundup

List of Muslim terror attacks in 2005

Ibrahim Afellay was chosen as "Muslim of the Year" - the 19 year old soccer player got 30% of the votes on a contest sponsored by the site www.wijblijvenhier.nl (we stay here) (Telegraaf, Dutch)

The prosecution in the Hofstad group trial might have hurt its own case - two new witnesses testified last week, bringing up new accusations. The only question now is: if they're telling the truth, why did they keep silent till now? (Trouw, Dutch)

Threatening letter to the Remmery factory is a fake - last year the factory was threatened to discharge Muslim employees. A step the owner refused to take. (De Standaard, Dutch)

A Moroccan minister is asking Moroccans to come back - Nezha Chekrouni said that "emigrants are a loss to our land" (De Standaard, Dutch)

Belgium will introduce electronic ID cards for immigrants - the cards will be first introduced in Antwerp in 2007. (De Standaard, Dutch)

Immigrants open up their houses - different immigrants from different countries keep a feeling of home inside their houses (Trouw, Dutch)

Mohammed Bouyeri wants to represent himself in the Hofstad group trial. (Volkskrant, Dutch)

Belgium thinks Holland is too strict on immigration policy - The strictness of Dutch policy is causing many immigrants to go through the "Belgian Route". Belgian Interior Minister Dewael thinks the Dutch policy is too strict and won't implement it in Belgium. (Volkskrant, Dutch)

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