Muslim protest - another view

Muslim protests against Denmark are being staged worldwide. Saudia is boycotting Danish products while even in Israel the Muslims staged a protest against the Danish Embassy. In other parts of the world, more violent means of protest are being used.

Take a look at the following pictures. The first is from Iraq (IFP), the second from Gaza (AP). What do you see?

It may be a protest, it may be free speech. I see the symbol of Christianity being trampled and burned.

What is being protested here?


Snouck said...

It is not really a protest. These people are just expressing rage and their will to destroy. Are there any cartoons in the Arabic (Palestinian and Egyptian) press on the Danish cartoons?

Anyway let them burn flags. It is better that they do that instead of blowing up Israeli (or European) buses and bus stations.

Anonymous said...

I find it surprising that something that in my country is considered Satire has to stand up to a religious belief in other countries.

The very foundation of Denmark is FREEDOM for the human being. Freedom to be religious, to have nothing but a belief/faith to live by.

Freedom to express yourself in everyway you see fit as long as you don't humiliate another human being.

That includes religion. Jesus has been "target" of countless of satire/drawings/movies etc etc. But i don't recall a call for boykot from christian countries in those cases.

The sad thing is that the same values that protect many of the muslims refugees in Denmark are the same that protect the freedom of speech.

And thanks to a free press i'm actually informed, this thing was brought to life by power hungry politicians in Muslim countries that needs to keep their supressed people busy.

Denmark will survive this, and i hope the Danish goverment stands strong, afterall we have enough oil and don't rely on the middleeast like other western countries. But the muslims that have enjoyed support from the danish population (the occupied parts of palestine is a good example) may be in for a rude wake up call the next time they need our support. You can't burn a flag from one of your prime donor nations and expect it to be forgotten easily.

And come next election i'm sure the right wing parties will enjoy a healthy boost. And that won't make things easier for the muslims that live in Denmark. But i guess those that wants to stir up things never think beyond their own nose?

nouille said...

The boycott of Danish products that began last week in Saudi Arabia has now spread to Algeria, Bahrein, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Anonymous said...

eliaI would like to know how the Mulims who protest the denigration of their prophet as indicative of Western bias can explain the destruction in Afganistan four years ago of the enormous and historic 1000 year old statues of the Buddha. This was an terrible insult to a great world religion that precedes their own I heard no upraised voices. Was this not an example of their own intolerance. In my humble opinion it seems that those who rant against the West must also put their own house in order. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are full of crap! No one is important to them inless they are also muslim. No other religion or human life is important to these homicidal maniacs who protest about a cartoon but say not a word when muslims attack, destroy or behead other humans. Where is the outrage dfrom the muslim society then?!