Denmark: Royal Theater tries to attract more immigrants

The theatre hopes to put more immigrants in its seats both as a way to expose more people to culture, but also as a way to reach new audiences.

'Commercially, it is naturally unsatisfying that there are large segments of the population that just don't use our national theatres. Seen from a democratic perspective, it is also unsatisfying, that the Royal Theatre, that we all support with our taxes, isn't a stage for everyone,' said Kresten Schultz-Jørgensen, sales and communications manager for the Royal Theatre.

In order to attract more immigrants, the theatre will use 20 specially appointed 'ambassadors' from within immigrant communities to increase interest, reported national daily Politiken.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)


Anonymous said...

where can i get more info?

Anonymous said...

can i get more info?

Esther said...

I did not find much about it beyond the original news report.

If you know Danish, you can turn to the Royal Theater (link here) and ask.

Also, take a look here: Betty Nansen Teatret (choose presse -> integration for more info, in Danish). As well as this news article in English