Is Muslim integration in Europe possible?

In order for an adherer of the Muslim faith to successfully immigrate and integrate himself into Western society he must undergo the transformation that Judaism has adapted over its centuries under Western/Christian influence. Judaism originated in Judea similar to Islam as the all encompassing cultural structure of a sovereign people that have lived there for more than a millennia and a half.

Upon being dispersed and seeking to be accepted by the European countries that hosted them, Jews of their volition initiated reforms and adapted Judaism as a ritualistic religion detached for the most part from daily life. They tried to minimize any blunt differences in their appearance, other than that which was imposed upon them and the moment emancipation was awarded great masses of them embraced the language and culture of the more liberal countries.

As early as the 1700s, Jews proudly proclaimed themselves loyal citizens of the country they were in, merely practicing the religion of Moses. In the United States and many other Western countries Jews adapted “local” sounding names in their ongoing yearning to be accepted by their host society.

Prior to such general reformation there were many sporadic attempts of Jewish individuals to integrate into their non-Jewish surroundings. Noteworthy are Maimonides, Abarbanel and Spinoza. These people lived prior to a general reform in the perception of Jewish society and they were therefore the exception to the rule. The only reason the first two were not shunned by the Jewish community is because in addition to their liberal attitudes they were regarded as great religious scholars.

Therefore, on an individual basis, Muslims can successfully integrate themselves into Western society, on the condition that they adopt a liberal mentality. Consequently, by all likelihood they will be removing themselves from the mainstream of Islamic society and such actions may even have vindictive results (see Salman Rushdi).

Since Muslim countries do exist and Islam is the national culture in those countries, Islam will probably not lose its cultural and political aspects.

Therefore, Muslims that wish to integrate into a Christian society would be pioneering uncharted and unacceptable grounds in the perception of their Muslim homelands by refuting their Muslim culture and accepting that of their new host country.

Such conduct could be perceived by their kinsmen as a betrayal of their heritage and so even keeping to their religion will probably be a difficult personal ordeal. It would seem that the more “secular” a Muslim is, the easier it would be for him to integrate in Christian society, especially as it is greatly secular itself.

Muslims have accused Christians that they aren’t really religious exactly for that reason. By that token, a Muslim who would be secular and adapt non-Muslim name and conduct would probably be perceived by his people as having left Islam.

Muslims who do wish to integrate should be aware of the additional objective difficulties. There are many factors that hamper successful integration: mass immigration, different culture, the recentness of this immigration, just to name a few.

Even a Muslim who wishes to integrate completely into European society, enthusiastically picking up everything he can from the local culture, will have to take into account that it might only be his children and grandchildren who will actually reap the fruits. This was/is true in the United States and it doubly true in ethnic societies such as those in Europe.


Anonymous said...

Muslims are primitive filthy PIGS who should be erradicated from not only Europe but the whole planet.
As simple as that, and all the present issues and debates would be sorted.

Anonymous said...

For every suicide bomber who blows themselves up - that is one less Muslim who can kill again. Let the Sunni and Shi'ites fanatics battle it out quickly and destroy each other. Who are these fanatics? I could not tell you by looking at one Muslim or another. We see teenage suicide bombers one day and a the next day we see a 57 year old grand-mother who blows herself up (does she get 72 virgins or 72 studs?) The inabiltiy to distinguish a murderous Muslim from peace loving Muslims is more than unfortunate - it is terrifying. So what can one do? The answer is simple. Be cautious on the side of safety. And I believe I can do this without being offensive

I avoid contact with Muslims I don't know. I distance myself from them while in a queue. And not in a rude manner. I try to do it so as to not bring attention to myself nor to the Muslim. It is not discrimination to remove oneself from what is perceived as a threat. It might be discrimination if I were to give glares or 'run away'pointing a finger at the lady in the Burka saying "suicide bomber". Is she? Hell is she a she under all that garb? If Muslims are upset that I consider them all threats - that is not my problem but theirs. My problem is that my life has to be lived more cautiously because of their religion. It angers me that humanity has to put up with this - but that is what we all face at the moment. No non-Muslim is immune from this possible threat to civilization.

Does this sound horrible? There are high-crime areas of my city I avoid. That is my choice. You might call it a safe choice. If crime rose in my neighborhood - I would move. And you would defend my right to make that decision.

Maybe a few decades of "time out" will allow Muslims more quickly kill off their radicals - allow the remnant to be re-socialized into humanity.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article,the conclusion then is that, no, Muslims cannot/will not integrate, otherwise they will be considered Non Muslim by the more radical of Muslims.This seems to me to be more of a cult based on fear and bullying than a religeon. I fear for the future, tolerance has been pushed to the edge by the inflexibility of Muslims, and their increasing demands. Why emigrate to a country merely to change that country, if you want islamic rule and Islamic law, move or stay in a country that is islamic.The more i read about Islam the more i see it as an insidious plague growing and spreading, demanding more. I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Islam is like a disease, it spread to other countries and rather than fit in with other cultures, it trys to take over and make demands... then when the indigenous species doesnt agree with what Islam is trying to do , they are called racist and Islams terroist activites begin, killing inncoent people in the name of Allah.

It is not possible for the intergration of Muslims in Europe, cos our way of life and Laws do not agree with theirs ! and they are not afraid to 'suicide bomb' people because of it !

I think the european countries should ban all muslim head dresses and keep a very close on eye on all the Mosques and arrest anyone straight away who even speaks against the countries governement and laws,and threatens to kills its people, and then deport them back to their home country with no trial or excuses...

Anonymous said...

Why are the European countries allowing these Muslim refugees to emigrate to their countries? These Muslims are going to destroy your traditions and way of life. The Muslims will not be happy tell everyone is a Muslim. I say ban any muslim from Europe or it will be the end of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Good one, yes it is a death cult indeed.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe knows
Iran never nuke Europe

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Wenn sie zu Allah schwören
oder umarmt volles dhimmi Leben

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

to those writing about 'pigs' and 'filthy creatures' - are you stupid or just American?

how many Muslims do you know personally?? how can you write such things about people you don't know? just because someone who blow up WTC was Muslim? look what American are doing in the East, how they treat people, maybe I should start hating all Americans then? I'm starting to think it wouldn't be that stupid. You think you're a better kind of people or something? you can kill Iraqi kids and its more fair than what terrorists did?

Anonymous said...

one of you said you wanted to move to paris but you think its 'contaminated' or something?
are you fucking french?
cause if you arent well
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you all dont know anything about islam! how wierd are all YOU, YOURE the threatening ones.

Anonymous said...

for all you REAL PIGS out there, first of all you listen to the media and get your opinian on muslims from there.
have you actually got out a encyclopedia and read what a muslim is or what islam is? yeh thats right you just listen to others and rely on the media. but when i hear about christianity i dont go open my mouth to public.
you all are low life sad pigs who sit and read a newspaper and next thing you know you turn to extreamism. get a life you sad wan****. before you even say anything about islam make sure you know what islam is. and dont give me a load of bollock sayin its suicide cause your talkin from yourside.
why have there been a lot of christians converting to islam? becos they know its the right religion. they actually have a brain unlike some who just read what the medias got to say.

Anonymous said...

Most people know about Islam. Most muslims don't. How can anyone belong to a religion that has a mass murderer and slave trader at its helm. Muhammad exceuted the entire tribe of the Banu Qurayza. They were unarmed prisoners of war. He then enslaved their wives and children.
Islam is not a religion. It is a justification for a man who if he was alive today would be exceuted as a war criminal.
And the Koran is full of hate for all non-muslims. Read this annotated version of the Koran and see how much hate there is in Islam.

Anonymous said...

Very telling, when Muslims get so upset about what is said of them.
If their faith was so strong, they would not bother to come here to comment.
If they were knowledgeable, they would be able to quote their books and prove these article and facts wrong.
It is perhaps understandable that they get upset about words that just insult and bad-mouth, and maybe that's a reason to avoid it.
Nevertheless, it is a valid reaction in most cases, just phrased in rough language.

I have yet to read a comment from and angry Muslim, who is actually able to explain why these insults are wrong, not in their words, but in concept.
When the Quran, says "Do not take the people of the Book (Christians, Jews, as friends.." doesn't it mean it?
How can that be re-interpreted? It is the words of God after all.
And if it means what it says, then why do Muslims get upset when the dirty kaffir unbelievers get mad at that?

Unknown said...

Pfft some of these comments are comical. I know a fair few Muslims and most are decent folk. There are some annoying ones too but nothing out of the ordinary annoying, condescending know-it-alls you get in society.

Other than their religion, they don't seem much different to the rest of society as a whole. But maybe that's just Australia; I wouldn't know what it is like elsewhere.

And all that sh!t about Islam being wrong because of preached hatred or Muhammed being a pervert: honestly get a grip on yourselves and put it into perspective. I sincerely doubt Christians were modest and moral people in 600AD either. (In fact, I don't believe they are today either; consider pedo Catholic priests as a start. ANd arguing that that is not a fair representation of Catholicism also applies to Islam: you cannot say that terrorism defines Islam.).

Perspectives people. Perspectives. Get a few please.