Antwerp: Halal school trips

School in Antwerp will not serve pork on school trip and project camps, but rather only halal meat. This according to a letter sent by a Antwerp alderman to parents of schoolchildren.

According to De Morgen newspaper, many parents are ready to explode over the new policy. Till last year parents could choose whether their kids will have halal, vegetarian or dietary meal on school trips. The socialist alderman for education doesn't see a problem "The typical children dishes such as spaghetti are always permitted, you don't taste the difference".

Source: Reformatisch Dagblad (Dutch)


Robert Voorhamme, alderman for education, says the information in the letter sent to the parents was not wholly correct. According to him there is still a choice and only the chicken and turkey are halal.

The idea to offer halal meat came due to concerns that Muslim parents would not let their kids take part in activities outside the school. They would be afraid that their kid would be given pork or food that was not prepared according to Muslim tradition.

Source: VRT nieuws (Dutch)

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