Oslo: Somali fight

A 28 year old man that according to eye witnesses was of Somali origin, was seriously injured after being knifed in the center of Oslo Saturday night.

5-6 men, also apparently of Somali origin, attacked several people outside a restaurant in Møllergata street a little after 3AM, says Finn Belle of Oslo police.

There were many eyewitnesses to the attack in which both knives and bats were used. The man was knifed in the back and leg. Two others were injured.

A witness filmed the attack, and the police have obtained the video and will examine it.

Police said the condition of the victim is serious but not life threatening.

Three of the assailants were caught in the vicinity a short time later.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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Anonymous said...

Okay being a Yank I ask 2 questions what did these Somalians do to deserve such a vicious attack? Where they apostates eating in an unclean restaurant?