Netherlands:Four arrested in planned attack on airport

In prague the airport is also on alert.

The public prosecution department in Haarlem reports that the Marechaussee arrested four people on Wednesday in connection with a terrorist threat aimed at Schiphol. The justice department did not want to comment further on the case while the investigation continues.

Employees at Schiphol say the Marechaussee was looking for a car with a German license plate. "Effective action" was taken, said Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin in an initial reaction.

The minister was informed of the threat while he attended a debate in parliament on Wednesday morning.

The Marechaussee stepped up surveillance in and around the airport in response to a threatening letter which had been received by the National Coordinator for Anti-terrorism. The extra measures were revoked in the course of the afternoon after the arrests.

The Marechaussee checked out cars that were parked in front of departure hall 1. They also conducted preventative searches outside the terminal, in the parking lots and elsewhere.

Source: Expatica (English)

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