Sweden: 'Swedes of the year' give up

The owners of a Gothenburg restaurant, named Swedes of the Year for standing up to criminal gangs who tried to threaten them, have said they are selling their business.

Masoud and Shahnaz Garakoei said they were closing the Khan Salar restaurant in Hisingen after the financial and psychological pressure on them became too much.
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The couple came into the spotlight after they stood up to gangs which tried to extort protection money from them. The restaurant was subjected to repeated attacks and the Garakoeis received death threats.

Fokus magazined named the pair Swedes of the Year in 2006. At the time the pair said they would give up the restaurant for a fair price, but Mrs Garakoei said they would not "run and hide."

But Mr Garakoei told Swedish Radio on Wednesday that he had so far only been given insufficient offers for the business, and said he had therefore decided to close down. The pair say they have large debts and have fallen behind with the rent.

Source: The Local (English)

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