Denmark: Abu Laban is dead

An imam who was highly critical of the Danish government during the Mohammed crisis died Thursday evening Imam Ahmad Abu Laban, leader of the nation's most vocal Islamic organisation, died Thursday evening after a long battle with cancer. Abu Laban was well known in Denmark, particularly during the Mohammed crisis about which he made several controversial comments. He was 59. 'We have lost a true teacher. He was unique, and although someone will take his place, it will never be the same,' said Khalil Jaffar Mushib of the Islamic Cultural Centre in the Brønshøj neighbourhood. A Palestinian who came to Denmark in 1984, Abu Laban was criticised by many for doubletalk, saying one thing publicly but saying another within the Muslim community. While travelling to Arabic countries on a what he called a peace delegation, he appeared on Al-Jazeera television saying he supported the Muslim boycott of Danish goods. He also criticised the Danish government for what he viewed as a lack of respect for the nation's Muslims by not taking a harder stand against Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that published the infamous Mohammed cartoons. Abu Laban also criticised Muslims for not being more actively involved in integrating into Danish society. Although he grew up in Egypt, both that country and the United Arab Emirates made him persona non grata for his radical Islamic views. Abu Laban was granted asylum in Denmark in 1984 as a Palestinian refugee, although he had worked many years in the Persian Gulf and in Nigeria. He quickly became the leading imam in Denmark, though he never sought Danish citizenship.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)


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Anonymous said...

Laban is dead ?
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