Norway: Minister suggests banning niqab in education

The Minister of Education, Oystein Djupedal says that the use of niqab and other headdresses that cover the face should not be allowed in classrooms. He is now encouraging educational institutions at all levels to ban the use of such headdresses in class. However, he does not want to make it a law, and says that each school must handle the situation on an individual basis. - The use of such headdresses makes proper contact between teacher and student difficult, Djupedal says. Last week, the dean of the Oslo College of Art, Lars Gule, demanded a ban on niqab at all universities and colleges in Norway, on the same grounds. The principal of the college, Per Lilleengen, says they now want to consider introducing such a ban.

Source: Norway Post (English)

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oslocalling said...

Hurrey for Djupedal!
But if this is not enough, I hope he will go for a total ban.
My view is that niqab is abuse. I have not been convinsed otherwise. I would really like for a niqabi to tell me her point of view.

Arshad said...

I think this tirade against the niqab is ideologically motivated. Let us worry more about Aids, paedophiles, teenage mothers..

Esther said...


It is true that there are many things to worry about. However, niqab is ideologically motivated, so it makes sense that the tirade against it is ideologically motivated as well.