Norway: Triple murder could have been planned

Last October Shahzad Khan (30), a Pakistani-Norwegian murdered his three sisters Sobia (27), Saadia (24) and Nafisa (13) Khan in the family home in Oslo's Kalbakken district.  Besides the three sisters, three other brothers, their wives and children also lived in the house.  It is unclear from news reports, but it seems they were present in the house at the time.

Originally the police said Khan was under influence of drugs.  It was recently concluded that he was not psychotic or unaware at the moment of the crime and that he is therefore punishable by law.  Khan is currently being accused of voluntary manslaughter.  It is uncertain how this would affect the court trial since Khan maintains he does not remember any of the events of that night.

An ax was found at the murder scene and police are now trying to find out when it was purchased.  According to Oslo police lawyer Cecilie Gulnes, if it was purchased a couple of weeks prior to the crime, it would point towards a planned murder. 

Police are looking for people who might have sold Khan the ax, which sold 3000-4000 units.  Police think it was probably sold sometime after July of last year when the father of the family, his wife and their four children traveled to Pakistan.  They were still in Pakistan when the three sisters were murdered.

A pistol was also used in the murder and it is still unclear whether Khan had any help. 

Source: VG nett (Norwegian)

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