Hague: Threats in online forum

The court in the Hague has sentenced a 25 year old resident to 100 hours of community service for threatening Moroccan-born author Naima El Bezaz in on online forum. The man wrote about her on the Morokko.nl forum: "I call all diehards who meet this bitch to spit at her, stone her, have her chased out of the Netherlands, because here she makes fun of us Moroccans."

The post stayed on the forum for 5 days until the author complained by the Amsterdam police. the police found the man by tracing his IP-address and thereby arrested him.

According to the judge there was not enough evidence of threats. However, the poster was guilty of insulting and inciting.

Naima El Bezaz recently wrote a book called "The Outcast" (De Verstotene) about a Muslim woman who breaks away from her conservative society. She describes her book as a "controversial novel about sex, taboos, Islam and Jew-hatred". El Bezaz was born in Morocco in 1974 and came to the Netherlands with her family when she was four. She's considered an unconventional woman with an outspoken opinion about conservative Muslims.

Source: Fok! (Dutch)

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