Netherlands: Complaints against Wilders

MDI, the Dutch agency in charge of reporting discrimination on the internet, will be making a complaint by the police against Geert Wilders.

MDI has received many reports about Wilder's statements. According to them the statemnet "We want enough. Closed borders, no more Islamists, many Muslims out of the Netherlands, de-naturalization of Islamic criminals" is punishable by law. By these statement Wilders is showing that he sees the Muslims as an inferior group and that this minority will be wiped out of the Netherlands.

The statement was made during an interview to the newspaper De Pers, but appears in various places on the net, including Wilders' own site.

Meanwhile, the Saudi embassy in the Netherlands made a formal complain to the Dutch foreign office for his statements about the Koran. According to the Saudi paper Al-Watan Wilders had called on Muslims to cancel "half of what it says in the Koran".

The Saudis demand Wilders go back on what he said and apologize to the Muslims. The Saudi ambassador in The Hague said a complaint had been made but that he prefers working out of the limelight to put an end to the "insult to Islam".

Sources: Blik op Nieuws (Dutch), Arab Insider (Hebrew)

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John Sobieski said...

Saudi's want Wilder's head, anarchists, liberals and leftists agree. Maybe we'll get some cartoon riots, but no cartoons.