Norway: Terror suspect suspected of planning Jew's murder

PST, the Norwegian Police Security Service, thinks that Arfan Qadeer Bhatti (29) planned to kill the known Jewish-Norwegian psychiatrist Berthold Grünfeld.

According to Dagbladet newspaper Grünfeld was supposed to have been killed off with a pistol with a silencer.  According to the newspaper Bhatti, who is the head suspect in a terror case, attempted to manipulate one of the co-suspected in the case to kill Grünfeld.

Grünfeld's observations of the 29 year old, together with the fact that Grünfeld is a known Norwegian Jew were motives for the attack.

PST's working theory is that Bhatti manipulated a 26 year old Norwegian man to commit the murder.  Bhatti and the 26-year old are both on trial, together with two other suspects, on suspicion of planning to commit terror attacks.

In 2002 an Oslo court assessed the continued detention of Bhatti and Grünfeld concluded then that Bhatti suffered from an asocial personality disorder.  

"such a person doesn't follow social and judicial norms, lies and decieves others, is impulsive and lacks ability to plan, is unstable and agrresive, irresponsible, ruthless and likely to display anger".

PST did not comment on Dagbladet's article.

Source: Aftenposten (Norwegian)

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