Sweden: Conviction of double murder upheld

A 24-year-old man convicted of a double murder on an isolated road north of Gothenburg last April has had his conviction upheld on appeal. The bodies of the two men, aged 21 and 39, were found in a road through a forest near Surte. They had both been shot with an AK4 automatic weapon. The older man had come to recover his Mercedes, which had been stolen by a criminal gang in Örebro, from the 24-year-old. He had taken 40,000 kronor in cash to the meeting, and the 21-year-old had joined him to keep him company. The older victim filmed the journey to the meeting with his mobile phone, a film which later proved vital to police. The convicted man has been given a full psychiatric examination, which showed that he was not suffering from serious mental problems, either now or at the time of the killings. The man, a Tunisian citizen, was told by the Court of Appeal in Gothenburg that he would be deported from Sweden upon his release. A 21-year-old man previously had his conviction for harbouring a known criminal, and his two year prison sentence, upheld on appeal. A 38-year-old man was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for the same offence. Source: The Local (English)

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