Denmark: Recommendations for integration

A number of publicly financed dialog meetings in Århus ended with a desire to more Islam in everyday life. On Monday politicians introduced 15 recommendation for better integration.

The most significant is that Islam and imams will have a more prominent role in kindergartens, schools, criminality prevention and in activities. Freedom of speech should be employed cautiously.

Tina Magaard, an Islam researches, says these demands are taken from Islamist thought and she cautions against accepting the recommendations which, she thinks, will cause future clashes in society. It will force all Muslim kids to be part of the Muslim collective as they'll be seen as Muslims first and citizens later and it will condition their integration into society on abiding by the imam's interpretation of Islam.

Source: Jyllands-Posten (Danish)

Magaard's recommendations fall in line with Policy Exchange's recent study "Living Apart Together: British Muslims and the Paradox of Multiculturalism" (PDF). According to the study, by focusing on a person's community and ethnic background (ie, "multi-culturalism") instead of a person's individual needs and the most basic fact of citizenship, the UK had caused Muslim youth to turn away from integration. The study had made headlines with its findings, but their conclusions are also quite thought provoking.

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Thomas Bolding Hansen said...

You got it translated fine.

But the politicians, turned the whole idea down, from the Liberals to Socialdemocratic mayor:

New Article in JP

Anonymous said...

How long are we going to sit idly by and let the left sell out our entire civilization, and betray not just us but our forefathers.

Every name on that committee is the name of a traitor, the lowest form of human life.