Netherlands: Marriages, spies and Jihadists

Johan Remkes, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs has come out with several warnings about the country's immigrants in talks with the parliament.

First, he warned about the risk of informal Muslim marriages. These unofficial agreements are more common than originally thought. Women, who are generally very young and have converted to Islam, come through these marriages under the influence of radical Islamic groups.

"If people want to marry in this way, it means that the woman has no right. Also financially it has certain consequences," he said.

There's also an issue of group coercion and intimidation to legitimize a relationship. Parents and other family members are often not notified of the ceremonies, that have their own regulations and rituals. Islamic marriages legitimize a sexual relationship between the couple and generally do not last for long.

Parliament member Naïma Azough said such a message will have no effect since people who choose to do only a Muslim marriage do so because they want nothing to have with the civil law in the Netherlands.

Remkes emphasized that he wanted to point out the problems of such marriages.

Remkes also warned that foreign secret services have unwanted influence over Dutch immigrants and that radicalizing Muslims more and more often seek contact with foreign Jihadists.

The minister did not specify which countries the spies come from but said it happens every so often that foreign spies act in the Netherlands without collaboration with the Dutch intelligence services. This include political, scientific and commercial espionage, but increasingly includes also influence over Dutch immigrants.

Dutch jihad-networks are also becoming more and more internationally oriented. They turn to Muslim extremists for information, often via the internet.

Remkes also pointed to the growing Salafist influence on Dutch mosques. The Salafists are often Anti-Western and undemocratic and are very hard to take care fo since they stay within the law. There are imams and mosque leaders which belong to the radical movement.

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John Sobieski said...

When is Europe going to start mass deportations of Muslims? Better soon or they had better start learning the Muslim prayers.

Yankee Doodle said...

I disagree with John's comment -- the only people who should be deported are those who are not citizens and who are advocating the hatred and the violence. One may consider revoking the citizenship of those who are recently naturalized and advocating violence and hatred, and deporting them as well.

The real problem is the radicalization of the mosques, and that gets traced, as indicated, to foreign powers. Saudi Arabia is the main source of radical mula (Am. slang for money) and radical mullahs. That supply line needs to be cut, and dealt with at the source.

Polygamy and other aspects of Islamic family law are what is destroying Islamic society. I wrote a post about it at my blog.