Dewinter: End the colonization of Flemish cities

In a congress of Vlaams Belang Youth Filip Dewinter called to end the colonizing of Flemish cities where already more than a quarter of the population are foreigners.

"The white ethnic Flemish will be a minority in a couple of generations in quite a few neighborhoods of our big cities. In cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven and Mechelen the non-European immigrant minorities of all types make up together 57, 25, 18 and 17 percent of the population respectively. According to Dewinter. A collection of laws is needed in order to preserve the Flemish character of the cities, such as stopping entry of immigrants into social housing, or allowing social benefits only after seven years stay (unemployment benefits, social housing, social facilities of all types) such as done in Denmark.

Islam is "Perhaps the most important stumbling block to pass for adaptation and assimilation. The Islam is more than a religion. It a way of living, a society model, a law system that is often diametrically opposed to every Europe and our culture stands for. Islam is like a cuckoo. It lays its eggs in the warm European nest."

The party leader in the Flemish parliament stressed also that "the first and most important goal of Vlaams Belang continues to be the realization of a Flemish nation-state".

Meanwhile, Yves Leterme, the Minister-President of Flanders, said in a speech to his party's youth (Jong CD&V) that a controlled immigration for work purposes is unavoidable. Referring to the labor migration of decades past he warned that the mistakes of the past, specifically those made with the Turks and Moroccans must be avoided.

Sources: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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