Netherlands: Morocco trying to strengthen ties

The article talks about the fact that younger Moroccans aren't as connected to their Moroccan homeland, but disregards the fact that most younger Moroccans marry somebody from "back home".

Morocco is trying to tighten its grip on its subjects in the Netherlands. A meeting of the most prominent Moroccans in the Netherlands took place in Amsterdam this weekend, by request of the Moroccan king,

About two hundred Moroccan employers, politicians and mosque representatives took part.

Driss Jazami of the human rights organization CCDH organized the gathering: "Morocco has a problem with the new generation of Moroccans outside the homeland. We want to fund a counseling body to strengthen the ties with this group, so that they come here on vacation more often again and take part in economic projects".

Yazami adds that too many Moroccans run into bureaucratic problems. The question of double citizenship was also discussed during the weekend and according to Yazami should not be a problem.

Ahmed Marcouch, a local councilman from Stervaart was invited but didn't come, saying he has nothing much to do with the subject and that time is scarce.

According to Marcouch Morocco noticed that the 3rd and 4th generation have little ties to Morocco. Moroccans outside the homeland form an important economic factor: Morocco has a minister, Nouzha Chekrouni, who is responsible for those Moroccans.

Marcouch summarizes the Moroccan vision saying that Moroccans have integrated too well: In the past Morocco still a podium in the Netherlands through the mosque, but that's beginning to change. Especially the youth are turning more and more away from Moroccan politics.

Source: Parool (Dutch)

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