Belgium: Tensions between Sunnis and Shiites

The Chancellor raises the question whether the statements "should be judged differently, and be considered allowed, because they are used by one side in a continuing profound conflict, where battle cries and invectives are part of everyday occurrences in the rhetoric that surround the conflict.
The above was said by the Swedish Chancellor of Justice, Goran Lambertz, when he decided to discontinued his preliminary investigation against the great mosque in Stockholm. The great mosque was accused of selling inciteful material calling to kill Jews.

Those who understand and accept it when European born Muslims attack Jews because of the Arab/Israeli conflict should be just as understanding and accepting when Muslims import their own foreign strife.


A Shiite mosque in Anderlecht, a suburb of Brussels, fears attacks by Sunnis, especially as a result of the war in Iraq. Threats have already been made according to the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.

The mosque and its association " Rida-Association islamique" (Rida Islamic Association) are located in Dokter de Meersmanstraat in Anderlecht. There have been several incidents in the past few weeks in the area around the mosque. Tensions are high and there is fear these tensions will come to Brussels as well.

The Rida association has notified the Anderlecht police of its misgivings and the police is taking the case seriously. Police patrols were asked to be especially vigilant and the central bureau of operations is collecting information.

According to
Jacques Simonet, Anderlecht's mayor, the fear of the Rida association must be seen "in light of the Iraqi context".

Sources: Brussels Nieuws (Dutch), HLN (Dutch)

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