Netherlands: More terror planned

Klein Verzet reports of another terror attack planned, against Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Wilders recently said half the koran should be torn out, though the attack was planned even before he said that specifically.

The terrorists, who were described as "not fundamentalists" meant to shoot Wilders, then blow up 500-600 kilo of standard issue explosives. By comparison, terrorists in Israel usually use 5-15 kilos of non-standard explosives. It would have caused "enormous chaos".

Two people were arrested. I read somewhere that the two were ethnic Dutch and I was trying to trace this information down.

Reading the posts on the forum, which is subsidized by the Dutch gov't, I ran across this post (Dutch) by a poster named Isha_2.

"The only thing I see is that the Netherlands bitches about Islam. The Dutch can only complain! But it was the foreigners who they BROUGHT to take up the dirty work. So that deformed, backward idiots like Wilder can now make demands. He deserves to be KILLED!! You may kill for your rights and your RELIGION!! I will dance in the street when this oaf is silenced!! They kicked off his throne a great man like Saddam but leave a pork-eater like Wilders still standing."

This is not an extreme forum, but this posting was not removed.


Anonymous said...

It seems that comments like Wilder's may draw more of the wackos out of the woodworks, keep fighting Islam. I read that Wilders also said that if MohamMad was around today he would have him tarred and feathered, or something like that, lol...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't tempt IslamoFascists

John Sobieski said...

The Netherlands allowed the Muslims in because they thought they would want to be good citizens loyal to the Netherlands. Where did they get that stupid idea? Multiculturalism, all cultures are equal. Netherlands' current mess is proof that it is not.