Austria: Shia leader praises Iran

Head of Austria's Shi'as Islamic Center said here Wednesday Islamic Republic of Iran granted prestige and grandeur to Muslims throughout the world.

Muhammad-Ali Lances who was speaking for a group of pious Iranian youth attending the religious 'Ea'tekaf' ritual at Martyrs Mosque of Shiraz, added, "That is why we believe you are not merely responsible for the fate of your own country, but for the fate of the youth of the entire Islamic World."

Head of Austrian Shia's Islamic Center added, "Furthermore, the Muslim youth can by abiding by the Islamic teachings become an excellent model for the youth of the entire world nations." Presenting an image of the social, cultural and political status quo of Europe, Lances said, "The Europeans look at Islam as a proud and prestigious faith today, while in near past if someone would convert to Islam in Europe, or any other Western country, they would have accused him of being insane."

Pointing out that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is of great significance both among the European Muslims, and among the followers of other faiths there, he said, "One of the former Austrian presidents used to say that thanks to the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the pious need not feel ashamed of being religious, and they can proudly claim their belief in God."

Criticizing Europe's over-dependence on the USA and Israel, the Head of the Austrian Shi'a Islamic Center said, "Despite its entire political and economic strong systems, Europe can still not live independent of constant manipulations of Washington in significant matters."

He added, "Under such conditions that a Third World nation successfully manages to maintain its independence, and to resist strongly against US bullying, it is quite surprising that Europe is unable of doing the same, and you should feel proud of being the citizens of such a system."

He said that the Austrian Muslims enjoy satisfactory rights compared to the past, arguing, "Today Islam is an official religion according to our Constitution, and we can establish Islamic schools and universities in Austria."

Speaking about the importance of propagation for Islam, Lances said, "We do not need to propagate in lectures, since our deeds speak louder than words, and Europe is left devoid of proper guidance today, badly in need of proper models and efficient leadership."

He expressed hope that the Iranian youth would construct their country ideally, so that their deeds would serve as a good model for the world youth, and that they would manage to establish justice thoroughly the Iranian society.

Source: IRNA (English)

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