Stockholm: 'All Swedes are gay'

Two gay people were attacked this week in Stockholm, while walking in the park and kissing. The attack, which took place while the EuroPride festival was in town, was widely discussed on the news. This was not the only hate crime during the EuroPride festival (see here and here)

A Swedish blog, Robsten, published a post saying that he was contacted by a very close acquaintance of one of the attacked men. He had spoken to this person, heard his story through and had decided it is believable. I bring a translation below.


First of all, I am closely associated with one of the attacked men, and have gotten a precise report of the whole sequence of events from him. I write this however completely on my own responsibility without knowledge or permission of the attacked men, because I think that the truth about this and what it represents must be told to the Swedish people before everything is too late for this country.

Tonight's incident wasn't just a hate crime against homosexuals but also a hate crime against Swedes. It's an excellent example of the hate and unprovoked violence against both Swedes and homosexuals to which immigration from outside Europe is equivalent.

Naturally none of the major newspapers or news sources revealed that it was about three Arabs who committed the act against two Swedes, nor how these Arabs humiliated the two men and their nationality, even a long time after one of them lay stabbed on the ground. This despite the fact that these newspapers were quite well informed of all these details.

During the knife assault the Arabs said to the victims among other things that 'all Swedes are gay', whereas they stabbed one of them with a knife, completely unprovoked.

In the newspaper it was described as a 'hate crime' just because the victim was a homosexual, but if it had been heterosexual Swedes it would certainly not have been called a hate crime, despite the fact that it meets the complete definition of it, that is that the perpetrator expresses hate during the attack or that the underlying reason for the attack is based on the victim's ethnicity. No, since our dear politicians have seen fit to put in an exception in the law about 'hate crimes', namely that it doesn't count if the victims are Swedish, even if they are attacked for their ethnicity.

In precisely this way the truth about today's hate and brutal violence against Swedes is continuously hushed up by the media. The truth is that cases such as these are on-going and happen constantly in today 'multicultural' society, and the truth is also that this hate against homosexuals and the women's oppression that the media at the same time screams about and condemns, to an extremely large majority consists of direct imports from countries outside Europe.

And the media not only withholds the truth, but at the same time they try as often as they can to insinuate that it's 'Nazis', 'skinheads' or the like who are responsible for this type of crime, while the proportion of those are really negligibly low, almost nonexistent, compared with the immigrant crime of this type (and most other types, for that matter).

Source: Robsten blog (Swedish)


Mark Tapson said...

Excellent piece. Thank you for providing an English translation. I wonder if Bruce Bawer ( knows about this. . .

Daphne said...

There has been an increase in anti-semitic attacks in the UK by 9%.
Incidents involving Jewish students or academics and at colleges rose 88%, from 26 to 49.
A recent poll of muslim students showed that almost a third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified.
I can put two and two together and it does not make five. The media is afraid of pointing the finger.

FoulSociety said...

Bawer's book opened my American eyes to the situation in Europe. This should not be tolerated.

Dag said...

I've just now picked up Roger Sandall, The Culture Cult: Designer Tribalism and other essays.

Anyone else familiar with this author and title? I'd like to know how you feel about it, or, better, what you think.

Anonymous said...
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Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

Any comments making sweeping generalizations like this will be deleted. If you have specific personal experiences, or surveys/studies to support what you're saying, please bring them.