Milan: Friday prayers to be moved to stadium

After fifteen years, this past Friday was the last time that the Friday prayers were conducted at the Viale Jenner mosque.  Starting July 18th, prayers will be moved to the Vigorelli velodrome, as a temporary measure.

The Muslim worshipers weren't so happy, saying that many had bought homes in the area in order to live close to the mosque and that they want a permanent solution.

Abdel Hami Shaari, the head of the Islamic Center, says that he expects the solution to be temporary and for the Muslim to move elsewhere by winter. 

Neighbors of the Vigorelli stadium are not happy with the decision.  About forty residents protested against the decision during the council meeting last week, carrying banners calling for the velodrome to be used for sports and threatening to block prayers there.

Sources: L'espresso, Il Giornio 1, 2 (Italian), AKI (English)

Source: Milan: Mosque facing closure

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