Denmark: No further studies of Hizb ut-Tahrir

Danish Justice minister Lene Espersen rejects additional studies of Hizb ut-Tahrir's international connections and financing.  This, after the prosecutor general concluded in June that there's no evidence that the organization has illegal objectives.

The Danish People's Party, New Alliance and the Radicals continue to demand a ban against Hizb ut-Tahrir.  And New Alliance's leader, Naser Kahder, has specially requested further studies of Hizb ut-Tahrir's cooperation with Muslim organizations in other countries along with the money trail both of the Danish branch and between the international branches.

Khader recommends that prosecutor Jørgen Steen Sørensen take a course in Islamic ideology.

Espersen has meanwhile pointed out in a list of answers to the parliament's justice committee that the prosecutor had investigated the issue twice, first in 2004 and then this past month, without finding anything.  She writes that her understanding is that there's no need to make further studies of the organizations' links and financing.

At the same time the justice minister stresses that the prosecution is now paying close attention to the Hizb ut-Tahrir and will get data from the police and security service about its activity.  The goal is now to estimate where there's reason to consider a ban against Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Source: Kristligt Dagblad (Danish)


Mark Tapson said...

If anyone has any doubt as to the extremist ideology, aggressive methods, and supremacist agenda of HuT, just read the eye-opening The Islamist by former HuT radical Ed Husein. HuT absolutely must be banned everywhere.

Anonymous said...

It's a terribly dangerous group. It's not like it was banned in almost every European country for no reason. They're also largely responsible for the genocide in East Timor, along with the Indonesian government. Not only do they recruit young kids for jihad, but they are one of the foremost organizations for stealth jihad. But I guess we're supposed to turn a blind eye to that and stop following the money. Steve Emerson, who wrote "Jihad Incorporated" and "American Jihad" has numerous articles on IPT about them. Sidenote: watch "Terrorist Among Us," which is a documentary based on "American Jihad." You have the same terror organizatons in Europe, except CAIR calls themselves Hizb-ut Tahir. It's frightening.

They're an extremist group:

Disbanding them is crucial to the War on Terror [Islam]:

They practice covert jihad:

They are "ready with potent anti-Semitic and conspiratorial explanations when young Muslims seek answers to questions of faith" [they preach racism and genocide]:

They're a "radical group:"

They "endors[e] the use of violence and [are] devoted to establishing a global Islamic state governed by Shariah:"

They "seek to reestablish the Caliphate:"

They are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother organization of Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Students Association, and the ones who are responsible for driving all the Jews and most of the Christians out of Northern Africa:

IPT has 25 articles linking these monsters to terrorism. Any organization linked to the Muslim Brotherhood should be disallowed and any member of any of them, including the Muslim Students Association, should be imprisoned, preferably on Guantanamo. Period.

Esther said...

Hi Jetabler,

Which countries banned Hizb ut-Tahrir?

Anonymous said...

In the Age, which is very far-left Pro-Islam paper, it says "Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and most Muslim countries in the Middle East because of alleged links to terrorism, including the bombers behind the 2005 London attacks."

I could probably find more but Australian Islamist Monitor is down right now :(.

Esther said...

Hi Jetabler,

I really don't understand why you trust the information from people that you see as radicals.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned in Germany and Russia.

This means that it is *not* banned in most European countries.

Does that mean that they're not radical, extremist and dangerous? No. But it means that you should check your sources.

Anonymous said...

Steve Emerson from the Investigative Project on Terrorism is about as authoritative as they get. There is a whole wealth of dissimulation surrounding every Muslim group out there, and if you're not suspicious, you're suicidal. He does his homework and says nothing without factual basis. And he does it without Robert Spencer's pretensiousness.

And the Age is the most apologist, pro-Islamist paper around. Australian Islam monitor does almost nothing but dissect their lies and reprint Abul Kasem's interviews with Frontpage magazine.

Mark Tapson said...

jdamn13, I agree with you about Emerson's credibility, but I don't know what you mean by Robert Spencer's "pretentiousness." His writing is very accessible, not pretentious, and I personally know Robert to be very humble and affable.

Anonymous said...

Big Shaker, I love Robert Spencer and I completely agree that his writing is very informative and accessible, and therefore a fantastic resource for the layperson, but he can be pretentious at times. Read this article (it's great, so just read to read it anyway) 'Symposium: Confornting Islamization of the West:'

Count the number of times Spencer quotes the co-members of the symposium, never because quoting them is necessary to convey a particular point, but in order to undermine their intelligence by calling them out on every grammatical and spelling error by throwing '[sic]' in there after every error. He does that all the time on JihadWatch too. And note, when you're reading it, how forgiving he his of Abul Kasem's errors, including multiple run-on sentences, simply beacuse he agrees with what he has to say. He only dissects the grammar and spelling of those with whom he disagrees. It's pretentious. I love him - I've even preordered 'Stealth Jihad'- but he's kind of dick sometimes.

Mark Tapson said...

Thanks for alerting me to the Frontpage symposium, jdamn13. I haven't read it yet, so I'm not sure if Spencer's tactics you refer to qualify as pretention or just aggressive but legitimate debate methods, but in any case, my experience with him personally is that he's very down-to-earth and, as I wrote before, humble and affable.

nostalgic4khilafah said...

Extremist ?
I like to know if your extreme shall be mine ?
Folks : Hizb ut thrir now is the leading Hizb and by far the largest political party in the whole Globe . It works with Thoughts and idea exhcahnge to entice the Umslim Ummah to unite under One single state callef KHilafah . now in the eyes of 95 % of muslims , this is Main stream not extreme , you see ?

Esther said...

Hi nostalgic4khilafah,

Hizb ut-Tahrir is not a political party, it's a secretive extremist movement and it's definitely not the largest political party in the world. In Europe any rally barely attracts a few hundred people, so how do you figure it's supported by 95% of the Muslims?

Mark Tapson said...

nostalgic, thanks for your very interesting response. Your figure of 95% of all Muslims supporting Hizb is massively overinflated, of course, but believe me, unlike many Western governments, I do not underestimate their influence nor the power of Hizb to intimidate and coerce.

Your comment suggests that you proudly support their ruthless methods and their supremacist agenda. May I suggest you read the book I mentioned above, The Islamist? It is written by a lover of Islam who rejected the soullessness of HuT and their political ideology of hate.

Just A fellah said...
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Just A fellah said...

am all in supportr of the Work Of Hizb ut tahrir for as long as hizb ut tahrir remains commited to the Methodology of The prophet Mohammad BUH : non violent untill we Muslims re capture the power , Once we do and we are in charge of a state , then it is the state of Khilafah that will interface wuth the world ,Jihad when Jihad is due , and Peace when peace is the King . But then Muslims will not Go tto the UN to complain and baby cry , they will do Justice as Islam guides them to do . certailny Th eKhilafah will open the files of the Jewish agression , The Serb atrocities against muslims , the Maronite Treason and let alone the file of Agression of the uSA against the Ummah .
That day it is the state in the vest of Khalifah ,not The Hizb that will Rule , The hizb will have the role of Intellectual leadreship and oversight .

June 07, 2009 9:50 PM

Mark Tapson said...

Thanks for being honest about your (and HuT's) agenda of violent "retribution" for all your perceived grievances, Mohammad.

What about the big, fat file of jihadist aggression and atrocities?

nostalgic4khilafah said...

My percievd Grieviences ?
You mean The United stated did not kill thousands in Iraq Based on a Lie . I mean forget about bad intelligence we know it is premeditated asgression based on falsified informations / Is that a perception ?
Obama said because Jew were massacred we must acceppt The notion that Israel has the right to exist In palestime ..
WAWW , German Killed , We Muslims Pay the price , Is he stupid or he talks to stupid folks .
Why can,t he give a state in Texas and call it Israel to the Jews ? Very generouse of him to give of what he does not own
Sir : if I am in your shoes
one of the 2 I will do
Either i burry my head in a heap of scumm out of shame ,
or just become A Muslims
I Like to invite you to emrace Islam instaed

nostalgic4khilafah said...