Sweden: Court ties murder attempt to Islam

A court in Jönköping drew parallels between a murder attempt of a woman and the perpetrator's attitude towards women, which according to the court is characterized by Arab culture and that the man is Muslim.

At the Discrimination Ombudsman they were surprised at the wording of the sentencing and several local Muslim associations are critical.

Masoomabai Takisdotter Virani, spokesperson for the Association of Shia Muslims in Jönköping says that she's very insulted, naturally, and that Islam and Muslims represent many other things which are much better. This denigrates all Muslims and causes new prejudices.

What caused strong reactions among several Muslim associations in Jönköping is how the court phrased its verdict against a man sentenced to 8 years in jail and deportation from Sweden after he had tried to kill his ex-wife.

The court drew parallels between what the man did and his attitude towards women, which according to the court, is affected by Arab culture and Islam.

Lars-Göran Klemming, acting judge at the Jönköping court says that he was characterized by his culture and religion, namely that he considers women as subordinates in different respects. He would rule.

Q: It's not so common for one, for example, to read in a judgment that a man hit his wife since he came from Western culture?

A: No, it isn't, says Lars-Göran Klemming.

At the discrimination ombudsman (DO), they were surprised at the phrasing.

Caroline Diab, spokesperson for the DO, says that court should be careful of generalizing which is linked to ethnicity or of putting criminal behavior to a person's religion or ethnicity.

Several Muslim association in Jönköping also react against the court's use of sweeping phrasing in this way, says Masoomabai Takisdotter Virani.

She says that she thinks that the judges who have spoken about it shouldn't phrase themselves that way. There's no excuse to say that one is Muslim and that he can therefore act this way.

Source: SR (Swedish)


FreeSpeech said...

"There's no excuse to say that one is Muslim and that he can therefore act this way."

So why do they regularly say it themselves?

Anonymous said...

"Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is high, supreme."

4:34 of the quran, word of god, to all muslims, clearly tells us, what the position of woman is, in islam: obedient, submissive, a slave. If not, a victim. Of muslim agression. Inshallah!

anzeigernamen said...
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Anonymous said...

Freespeech, you're right. It's lke Al-Turki defending his slave-owning with Islam. Muslims use the Koran as an excuse for all sorts of abhorrent behaviors, and while "it's not so common for one, for example, to read in a judgment that a man hit his wife since he came from Western culture" no Western (non-Muslim) man would ever use his culture/"religion" as an excuse for his behavior. He would just plead innocent or guilty on the basis of proof, not defend his right to abuse and kill women.

"Islam and Muslims represent many other things which are much better." Actually the fact that they're in some cases equal opportunity misogynistic abusers/killers is by far the best thing that Muslims represent.

Boer Kees, I'm interested to know what translation you're using because it seems to better than any of the apologist ones at the USC-MSA site, which inserts parentheses in all 3 translations which make it sound as if men are supposed to try step 1, then step 2, then step 3, when in actuality that's just a list of options and none of the choices is given precedence nor are they be used in any particular order. I just found Arthur Arberry's translation and I like it a lot. It has no search function, but it's all in one doc so you can use 'edit,' then 'find in page' and it works better than the USC-MSA search: http://arthursclassicnovels.com/arthurs/koran/koran-arberry10.html

Unknown said...

"Masoomabai Takisdotter Virani, spokesperson for the Association of Shia Muslims in Jönköping says that she's very insulted" - insulted as usual! The sulkiness of muslims always contradict to their violent and ignoble actions.

Muezzin Baravin said...

We have to clearly explain to Masoomabai Takisdotter Virani what we think about islam and muslims in Europe so that she can adapt herself to the country.
Or leave.

There's nothing better for this than a nice cartoon, in a nice enveloppe, with a nice stamp, sent by snail-mail (Amnesty International method, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf1qrJofX58 ).

We find the address of Masoomabai Takisdotter Virani with the swedish telephone website http://privatpersoner.eniro.se/

"Vem Namn" looks like "Who Name", so copy-paste Virani.
"Var Område" is logically "Where Town" so copy-paste Jönköping.
Click "Sök" (sounds like the "search" button...)

BINGO ! The phone database gives the postal address of Massomabai (and all the, useless, telephone numbers of the whole virani familly)

The letter :
- Print (directly from your explorer : File > Print...) this article, so that Masoomabai Takisdotter Virani will understand what is that letter about.
The article can fit on one page (one sheet, front) mainly if printed from the swedish source.
- on the back, print the self-speaking cartoon of the Belgian Steph Bergol : http://www.coranix.org/stephbergol/piedocul.htm
A small cartoon is better than a long talking !

A basic stamp allows to send at least two sheets of paper (may be more depending on your country, check) .
- on a second sheet, print the "all about islam in two pages" leaflet that you can find either at http://ddata.over-blog.com/xxxyyy/1/21/56/11/all_islam_in_2_pages.pdf or
http://www.coranix.org/action/about_islam.pdf or http://grouik-grouik.org/sita/about_islam.pdf
After the small cartoon, here is the long talking.

Put in an enveloppe (add SWEDEN to the address, if needed), stamp and mail.

Be sure that next time Massomabai will talk to the press, this representative of the muslim "peacefull and tolerant" community will remember the letters and will then not forget she is in Europe, not in Musulmania.

Anonymous said...

Muezzin Baravin, that's a handy-dandy little resource you gave me there! You spent me lots of time spent typing arguments with ignorant American idiots who think that Islam is a legitimate religion and ascribe a bunch of moral teachings and humanistic values to it.