Malmö: Muslims evicted from basement mosque

Real estate company Contentus wants to kick out the Muslims from a basement mosque in Rosengård. Emotions were high outside the Contentus office in Malmö on Friday.

Basem Mahmoud, the coordinator of the demonstration, says that this is just discrimination against Muslims.

A serious mood prevails outside the Contentus officer. About 60 Muslims have convened to protest. One of the banners says "no to eviction without cause, yes to cooperation." Another says "No to discrimination, we want to have our rights."

Mahmoud says that they have been evicted without cause. They had paid the rent on time for 16 years, and have never received any complaint. This is just about discrimination.

A sign on the door says it will be the housing company's office, but the the office looks dark and empty.

Mahmoud says that nobody has come to conduct a dialog with them. That is what they want, cooperation and dialog.

Sydsvenskan has repeatedly tried to get a comment from Contentus, but without success.

Source: Sydsvenskan (Swedish)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are basement mosques. Is the government actually not surveiling mosques? If not, that's horrifying. Mosques have always been breeding grounds for terrorist sleeper cells and money laundering for terrorist organizations. The EU seriously needs to adopt its own version of the Patriot Act. They can't monitor who's coming and going in a basement. Safety concerns aside, I'm sure it just looks really shady to people in the neighborhood and lowers property values considerably just like having a crackhouse on your street would do, having sketchy dudes coming and going all the time to and from a basement. It could also be a brothel , for all they know, and I'm sure that's what it looks like to people in the neighborhood.

Esther said...

Hi jdamn13,

Europe is full of basement mosques.

Many Muslims would be glad to be allowed to build a mosque instead of having to meet in a basement, shop or empty factory.

Anonymous said...
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