Rosengård: Ambushes against fire brigade

From an opinion article titled: Everybody loses when Rosengård burns.

A disturbing trend has developed in the Rosengård suburb of Malmo. Youth set fire to shrubbery, mopeds and buildings in order to bring the fire brigade. When they arrive, the firemen are subjected to verbal and physical jeering, spitballing, egg and stone throwing.

The situation for the fire brigade has worsened the last four years, but in just a few weeks the youth's systematic prank had become more frequent. On June 12th the fire brigade was notified of a burning car and went to deal with the fire. One of the firemen was hit with a spitball in the back. When the 18 year old was asked for a reason he answered: I'll shoot you.

The day after there was a fire in some bushes. When the fire brigade arrived they were met by 30-40 youth who attacked them with stones. Attila Jensen, station chief for the Jägerso station, says that the fire was apparently set to enable the youth to throw stones at them.

After two events, Jensen decide that next time the fire brigade will be attacked, they will pack up and leave the place. Additionally, the brigade won't enter Rosengård without a police escort. The vehicles were equipped with bullet-proof glass but that didn't help when the firemen found themselves outside fighting fires, which is when the stone throwing begins.

The question is of course: Why?

According to Jensen, the original reason was a mosque fire five years ago. Rosengård's residents accused the fire brigade of not doing enough to extinguish the flames and chaos erupted. Police were called in to protect the firemen. An inquiry of the emergency services later rejected speculations that the fire brigade allowed the mosque to burn down more than necessary.

But mistrust lives on in Rosengård. According to Jensen, it's not only firemen, but any uniform-wearing personnel who are subjected to attack. The so-called neighborhood heads dismiss the issue as ridiculous and say it's just rowdy kids.

Source: NT (Swedish)

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Mark Tapson said...

"Rowdy kids"? This is a gang committing organized arson - a felony - combined with assault, as well as obstruction of government services. This stems from a segment of immigrants - Muslims - who have no intention of assimilating as good citizens and instead have obviously bunkered down in a "no-go" area, to which they lure infidels in order to wreak violence and hatred against them. These "rowdy kids" should be deported immediately; or if the neighborhood does not give them over to the police, it should be denied assistance the next time another arson is set.

Esther said...

That's where the 'everybody loses' part comes in. If the fire brigade is not willing to come to the assistance of those in need, innocents will surely suffer.

Mark Tapson said...

"innocents will surely suffer" - And that is precisely why these gangs set the fires - because they know the Westerners they despise so much will always come to the aid of innocents, and thereby become easy targets (and soon they will be targeted by gunfire, not eggs and stones). And if they don't respond to the fires, they will be accused of letting Muslims burn, etc. It's a no-win situation for the "infidels," and despicable behavior by the immigrant gangs. That's why I say that the innocents themselves in the neighborhood - the Muslim friends and relatives of the gangs - must help root out these savages for deportation or face having their own neighborhood burn down.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the "innocents will suffer" approach to terrorism, big shaker. It's just like Palestinians who shoot at Israelis amidst a big pack of children so that they Israelis who defend themselves end up picking off a few kids in the process, only less suicidal. The firemen should arrive in armored pumper trucks and turn the firehoses on the terrorists before the fires. Of course, that only works as long as they're throwing rocks. And we need to start calling terrorists terrorists. Committing arson and attempted manslaughter/murder of firemen by stoning? "Rowdy youth" my ass.