Netherlands: Studying Muslim fundamentalism in the Balkans

The Dutch military security service (MIVD) is studying Muslim fundamentalism and extremist nationalism in the Balkans, according to a response in parliament by minister of defense Eimert van Middelkoop.

Van Middlekoop says that there are several radical Muslim communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina in remote areas, where supervision by the Bosnian authorities is difficult. But radical Islam is also in Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, which should be seen as a network of regionally operating organizations.

These organizations strive to apply sharia law. According to MIVD, only a small part use violence. Most network are acting in spreading their ideology through preaching and education.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the preponderance of Eastern European Sufism? Oh, yeah, it barely existed after Hitler and al HUsseini came along and radicalized everyone so that they would carry out the eastern end of the Holocaust in their typical disorganized Muslim fashion (as opposed to the Germans, who put the Jews to work and who are just more OCD in everything they do).