Islam in Europe Weekly Overview

Two Dutch studies have been published this week, about the eating and vacationing habits of immigrants.

Radicalism and Terrorism

* Danish school inspectors will be visiting Muslim private schools

* A court in Copenhagen decided the Tunisian terror suspects will remain in custody.

* French Algerians have been reported in Gaza.  The Dutch military intelligence is studying radicalism in the Balkans.

* The British government is concerned about the people behind the Islam Expo.

* Morocco announced it will be sending imams to Europe to combat the local radical imams.  One such imam in the Netherlands is threatening Wilders with a lawsuit.


Bulgaria is renovating the Ottoman mosque in Stara Zagora.  In Switzerland the minaret ban referendum has hit the news again, while in Milan prayers were moved to a city stadium.  Right wingers and neighborhood residents protested the move (EN)

Muslim Veil

Europe's fashion designers are going for the Middle-Ages look.  Following up on the burqa/citizenship debate in France, a Muslim minister made world headlines when she said there's no difference between the headscarf and the burqa.


* Sharia courts in Britain don't deal just with civil and divorce issues.  Police have agreed to let the Somali community deal with stabbing cases on its own.

* The sole Afghan female Olympic player is asking for political asylum in Europe.

Love and Marriage

* Amid stories of polygamous marriages in Italy, a Belgian constitutional court had opened up such a possibility in Belgium as well.

* Sweden is dealing with the demand for virginity-restoration operations.

* A Norwegian newspaper advertised the story of a woman who's been cooerced to marry in Pakistan.  In Spain, an imam is suspected of encouraging parents to take their young daughters out of school in order to get married.

* In the Netherlands, a Muslim researcher calls upon the Muslim community to deal with the preponderance of pimps and loverboys among Turks and Moroccans.

* An Amsterdam court has ruled that it is illegal to force people of certain countries to undergo tests abroad before undergoing family reunification.


* Muslims protested lack of attention from the Nice mayor following the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolly birth.

* In Sweden a judge was found to have expressed anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments.


* The Louvre laid the cornerstone for a new Islamic Art gallery.

* A Belgian Muslim writes about identity vs. integration in Brussels.

* Swedish authorities don't like girls named Elvis, but they have no problems with Abdel.

* Doctors suspect a link between lack of vitamin D and autism, which affects the Somali community in Sweden.

* Catalonia's largest slaughterhouse supplies both Spanish and French halal demand.

* Kadhafi's son was arrested for violence in Geneva.

* Police in Brussels are putting special effort into inspecting buses heading for Morocco.


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