Madrid Declaration

Saudi sponsored conference wants to universalize terrorism, criminalize blasphemy.


A groundbreaking Saudi-sponsored interfaith dialogue on Friday, July 18, called for criminalizing blasphemy and for drafting an international agreement to combat terrorism.

"(The conference) calls for international organizations to work to issue a document stating respect of faiths and religious symbols and criminalizing those insulting them," said the conference in a final communiqué.

The conference called on the UN General Assembly to call a special session to promote dialogue and prevent "a clash of civilizations."

"It also calls for pursuing dialogue to spread the culture of tolerance and understanding."


The conference also called for an international agreement to combat terrorism.

"Terrorism is a universal phenomenon that requires unified international efforts to combat it in a serious, responsible and just way," said the final statement.

"This demands an international agreement on defining terrorism, addressing its root causes and achieving justice and stability in the world."

The conference also called for more "ways of enhancing understanding and cooperation among people despite differences in their origins, colors and languages," and a "rejection of extremism and terrorism."

Source: Islam Online (English)


FreeSpeech said...

Well, well.

It ist not the conference that issued the paper, it is the organizers of the conference who issued the paper.

islamonline is Islam on lie

Esther said...

Hi FreeSpeech,

Where do you see that?

Mark Tapson said...

How obscenely hypocritical that the Saudis, who arranged this sham conference, are calling for tolerance and an end to extremism and terrorism.

Küresel Tefekkür said...

Congratulations who is working for perfect religion Islam!

Anonymous said...

"Respect of faiths and religious symbols and criminalizing those insulting them" and "pursuing dialogue to spread the culture of tolerance and understanding" would necessitate turning Saudi Arabia into another Iraq, since they execute people for carrying a Bible, don't allow non-Muslims into Mecca and Medina, and don't allow the construction of churches. How about we demand that the Saudis do everything they ask of us, and THEN hold an interfaith conference? Why do we go along with these ridiculous interfaith conferences anyway? Islam is an insanely intolerant cult/political doctrine (NOT A FAITH, since faiths base their teaching on MORALITY) which obligates its followers carry out the genocide of people of every other faith. These things only serve the purpose of painting a fake rosy picture of Islam and cramming the useful idiots' heads full of lies. The government knows this.

Keep the Saudis out. Out of our countries, out of the UN, out of civilization. Let them rot in their own incompetence, parasitic ideology which only cannibalizes once it has no host culture to feed off of, and devolution from arranged marriages and inbreeding. How useless will they be in 10 years when their oil reserves run out? They will be Afganistan. Mark my words.

When is that water vapor car going to hit the market already? We need our second Independence Day. I hope McCain declares war on the Saudi royal family as soon as we get that water vapor car, since it looks like little Israel is going to have to deal with Iran for us. Actually, the Iranians, unlike the Saudis, are by and large very pro-Western, pro-Democracy, and they hate the Arabs more than anyone. Iran is just a matter of taking out the government and the arsenals. We already have the hearts and minds. Have an interfaith conference with the Iranian people so that the few who haven't yet gotten wise will realize how amazing secular societies founded on the Judeo-Christian tradition (which was based in Zoroastrianism, btw) can be.

Islam would be nothing without the Iranians. Every positive accomplishment by Muslims was achieved by Iranians. Even the Muslim scholarship was carried out by Iranians. It's a better world because of thm, but we're all so much worse-off because of the Saudis.

I have two Saudi ex-Muslim friends, one of whom split his childhood between Saudi Arabia and the States. They say that the only thing they miss is the food (which is really Greek, Turkish, and Lebanese cuisine) because they're tired of pizza and burgers.

FreeSpeech said...

Esther said...
Hi FreeSpeech,

Where do you see that?

July 21, 2008 4:31 AM

Not in your article, but I don't recall where exactIy. (I think it was mentioned in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung)