Europe: Morocco sends imams for Ramadan

Morocco will send 176 preachers to Europe during the upcoming Ramadan this September, in order to keep its citizens away from extremist speeches.  This is due to an explicit request by King Mohammed V, reports Belgian news agency Belga.

The preachers include 167 men and 9 women.  The candidates have been subject to strict selection.

Remarkably, 31 clerics will be sent to Belgium and only seven to the Netherlands.  One hundred preachers will be sent to France.  The others will be sent to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Great Britain.

There are 3.3 million Moroccans abroad, which is 10% of the Moroccan population.  80% of those Moroccans live in Europe, 1.3 million of them live in France.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Admin said...

I thought it was the imams that preached extremism!?! Can't the muslim extremists just go back to where they came from if they dislike western culture so much? Why do they have to make such fools of themselves?

Esther said...

Hello Kim,

Extremist imams preach extremism. Non-extremist imams don't preach extremism.

FreeSpeech said...

"Extremist imams preach extremism. Non-extremist imams don't preach extremism."

That's wearing pink glasses, Esther.

Imams preach an ideology that refutes the Golden Rule.

Esther said...

Hi FreeSpeech,

It depends. Turkish imams, for example, preach the Turkish ideology.

Would you say that all Christian preachers preach to turn the other cheek?