Italy: Immigrants urge arrest of Moroccan drink-drive suspect

Immigrants in the northern Italian city of Padua are urging the arrest of a Moroccan who allegedly fled to his native country after running down and killing a young Italian, Simone Bacchini, while drink-driving.

The group of immigrants, led by Moroccan journalist Muhammed Ahmed were to launch their appeal during a documentary to be aired on Italian television late on Monday.

Bacchini's family was also due to read a message to Morocco's Ambassador to Italy during the programme, asking him to pressure the Moroccan authorities to arrest Bacchini's alleged killer.

The unnamed Moroccan reportedly had alcohol levels in his blood four times those of normal ones when on 16 June last year his car struck Bacchini's scooter, killing him and injuring two other people.

The Moroccan is believed to have fled Italy to Morocco days later. The two victims of the accident who survived are also campaigning for Bacchini's alleged killer to be brought to justice.

Euro-MP for Italy's anti-immigrant Northern League, Mario Borghezio, has announced he will lobby the European Parliament for the Moroccan's arrest.

Source: AKI (English)

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