UK: 'Tough on crime' = Sharia law

Why not go back to the good old and tried British methods?  Throw them in to vats of boiling oil.


The man who could become Britain's next prime minister joked Thursday that he was thinking about bringing in Sharia law for bicycle thieves after having his own bike stolen outside a London supermarket.

"I'm contemplating introducing Sharia law for bicycle theft," said the leader of the main opposition Conservative Party, David Cameron, referring to the Islamic law code, after thieves took his bike as he stopped to pick up groceries near his west London home.

Cameron told London's Evening Standard newspaper earlier that he chained the mountain bike through the wheel around a three-foot (0.9-metre) tall bollard but when he emerged from the shop it had disappeared.

Onlookers quoted by the newspaper said the Tory leader, who is riding high in the polls at the expense of Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his governing Labour Party, only had himself to blame for attaching it to such a short post.

About 110,000 bikes are reported stolen in England and Wales every year, but the real figure is thought to be much higher. Scotland Yard confirmed that the crime had been reported, but did not name Cameron in line with force policy.

Cameron added of the possibility of harsh penalties for bike thieves: "I will consult the mayor of London (Boris Johnson)."

Before he stood for the mayoralty, former journalist Johnson, who is known for his colourful language and outspoken comments, also advocated Sharia law after having his bike stolen from a rack outside Euston railway station.

He also complained of having bolts from the front wheel of his bike stolen on another occasion.

Source: AFP (English), h/t Weasel Zippers

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This mean that people are walking the streets with jigsaws. That scares me.