Egypt: 'Within 20 years, Muslims will be a majority' in Europe

Amr Khaled, Egyptian preacher, recently chosen by Times as the 13th most influential man in the world, via Memri (see clip here).  Khaled claims that within 20 years, Muslims will be a majority.  He also claims that there is a plot to eradicate the Muslims in Europe.  Europeans will provoke Muslims, and then use the expected Muslim response as a pretect to kick them out of Europe.  The solution?  Don't be provoked.  Except he doesn't use those exact words.


Interviewer: "How do you view the Islamic scene in Europe?"

Amr Khaled: "The most important thing is that there are 25-30 million Muslims in Europe. This figure has many implications."

Interviewer: "There are 25-30 million Muslims in Europe."

Khaled: "The Muslims keep having children, while the Europeans do not. This means that within 20 years, the Muslims will be a majority, which may have an exceptional influence on the decision-making. This makes other groups very angry, and they consider this to be very dangerous. These are the enemies of Islam, as we know full well.

"But the peoples of the West know nothing about the Muslims. Statistics show that 70% do not know who the Prophet of the Muslims is. The fact that Muhammad is the Prophet of the Muslims is not known to many people in the West. That's just one example."

Interviewer: "The name of the Prophet is unknown to..."

Khaled: "Not just his name, but who he was. Even if they know that the name of the Muslims' Prophet is Muhammad, they know nothing about him, about his history, when he lived, and so on. They know nothing about him.

"The goal of the enemies of Islam is to drive the 20-30 million [Muslims] out of Europe, or to provoke them in a way that would lead to their banishment. If [the Muslims] remain in Europe, this will be dangerous, so they must leave."

Interviewer: "So you are making a very important claim - that there are intentional and premeditated provocations in order to drive the Muslims out of their current home - Europe."


Khaled: "People will tell you that Denmark suffered economic losses, and this is true. So why does it continue? Because some believe that it is more beneficial to [drive out] the 30 million, and that it outweighs the boycott. So they are pushing in that direction."

"What is the solution? We must be very realistic and positive. What needs to be done? What we need is for the 30 million Muslims in Europe to infiltrate [society], and to show European and Western society how respectable and successful they are. Those are the key words: 'I am respectable and successful.' If the 30 million Muslims manage to ignore these provocations, and to channel their anger in support of the Prophet Muhammad and of Islam into becoming walking propaganda machines...

"Each person should say: 'I am an ambassador for Islam,' and they should all take action throughout Europe - in the companies where they work, in sports clubs, and in any place where they can mingle and fit in with the Europeans, and where they can show them their moral values and success. That will abolish the plan, and the Muslims will remain in Europe. We really need 10 years for the Muslims in Europe to become firmly established and very successful."


Source: Memri (English)


Mark Tapson said...

"Infiltrate" - not assimilate. That's a very telling distinction.

Anonymous said...

"The goal of the enemies of Islam is to drive the 20-30 million [Muslims] out of Europe, or to provoke them in a way that would lead to their banishment." Yeah, like ditch the socialist appeaser welfare state that you guys couldn't possibly support for another 20 years even without the parasitic Muslim hordes. That's "provocation." Once they have to work to support themselves, they'll either assimilate or leave. And once the population reaches the breaking point, which it has in Denmark and France, people will learn about how evil Islam is and what it stands for. I just hope the rest of you guys don't pull your heads out the sand too late.

Then best ways to tame Muslims are by (a) humiliating them with their own scriptures, history, and practices, since shame seems to work with them, but morality and education don't, and (b) MORE PROVOCATIONS: .

And why would he say of the Europeans that "the goal of the enemies of Islam is to drive the 20-30 million [Muslims] out of Europe, or to provoke them in a way that would lead to their banishment?" Europe lets in endless hordes of Muslims every day and panders to them in all kinds of ways which compromise their core beliefs. "Enemies of Islam?" More like bitches of Islam. He should be censored for "inciting hatred" and "racism." Isn't that the same dude who was left speechless when Wafa Sultan handed him his ass on Al Jazeera with nothing but shame inflicted by using Islamic scriptures and history and provocations based on fact against him?

And why do Europeans not have children? Because they can't afford to with the ridiculously suicidal welfare state to support. The solution seems pretty clear to me. Ditch the welfare state and stop ghettoizing yourselves. Allow immigrants with something to offer, instead of 15 inbred children, multiple wives, no education even with a college degree (since college graduates from Egypt believe the Earth is flat and all other Koranic "science," in my experience), a negative economic contribution to make, and diseases not seen in the free world for 200 years. Like some Chinese, S. Korean, or Indian people. They're fantastic. They uplift your siciety, not drag it down.