Gaza: Foreign jihadis

Le Figaro reports that foreigners, including several French citizens, have succeeded in penetrating from Egypt into Gaza in order to fight Israel. 

Abu Hafs is a militant in the Army of Believers, a group which appeared after the ISraeli pull-back from Gaza in 2005.  He says that they're not part of Al-Qaida but they share its ideology.   Their goal is not only to liberate Palestine but to spread Islam everywhere.  Despite that al-Qaeda has yet to give these groups real support, or to pronounce them official al-Qaeda branches. 

The presence of several dozen foreigners in Gaza is confirmed by the military branch of Hamas and by Western intelligence services.  Most come from Arab countries, but official sources in Paris confirm that among the foreigners who slipped in when the border between Gaza and Egypt was breached are several French citizens of Algerian origin .

Abu Hafs says he expects several hundred more foreigners.  Al-Qaida is looking for a way out of Iraq and appeals on jihadi websites to 'defend the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem' are flourishing.  The latest videos of al-Qaeda called to support the mujahedeen in Palestine.

Hamas claims that as long as it's in power, al-Qaida won't be able to enter.  Abu Hafs thinks that Hamas are sinners, since they agreed to sit in a government which wasn't ruled by Sharia law, and have now agreed to a truce with Israel.

Source: Le Figaro (French)

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Anonymous said...

The Egyptians patrol the hell out of that border. That means that the government is behind this, since they take great pains to make sure that Palestinians aren't getting in, but fighhters are getting out. Yet another reason why those sicko Egyptians need to be financially cut off by the free world. Period. That and they just relegalized female genital mutilation and lowered the age of marriage to 9 for "women," and the fact that they never apologized for 9/11 even though 17 of the 19 hijackers came from that hellhole. I particularly hate EGyptians because they all have this sick idea that they're more educated than the rest of the world, and yet, they graduate college at 19 without studying anything but math, language, and the Koran, and they believe wholeheartedly in the Koranic "science" and "history." They're uncommonly ignorant, even more so the more "eduation" they receive, and yet they're so damn uppity. Plus they ruined my department at my grad school. And I hate the way they treat the Sudanese refugees, most of whom end up going back to the Sudan where they receive better treatment.