Brussels: Family tries to abduct groom, prevent wedding

Three men tried to abduct their brother and brother-in-law on his wedding day Saturday, intending to bring him to Morocco. They did not agree with the marriage since the bride did not fulfill their requirements, according to the Brussels prosecution.

The two brothers: Rachid (30) and Mohamed (33) and a brother-in-law, Ali (31), disturbed the beginning of the wedding ceremony on Saturday afternoon when they appeared with a car and attacked the bridegroom. They dealt him several blows and tried to tie him down in order to make it easier to get him into their car. The wedding witnesses intervened and foiled the abduction until the police appeared. The police arrested Rachid, Mohamed and Ali.

In their interrogation the three said they did not agree with their brother's/brother in law's choice of a bride. The girl was of Moroccan origin but had Spanish citizenship and did not fulfill the family's criteria. Therefore they wanted to abduct the groom to Morocco. The prosecuting judge decide to keep the three under arrest.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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