France: Terrorism against pornography

Anti-terrorism investigators in Paris have opened a preliminary investigation into the threats of an attack against cable TV broadcaster Canal+. The threats came in order to stop broadcasting pornographic movies to North Africa.

The broadcaster received an anonymous letter at the end of June from somebody who said he was Muslim and threatened to blow up the Canal+ headquarters near Paris. Canal+ filed a complaint. The letter warns Canal+ to stop broadcasting its monthly pornographic movies, as they can be received in North Africa and the Middle East by satellite.

Source: Le Nouvel Obs (French), h/t François Desouche


Anonymous said...

This is a mistake by the terrorists.
Canal + is powerful. Pornography sell well in North Africa and Middle East. So, now they are threatening a powerful entity and its money source.
Bad things can happen to them. And the newspapers will not complain about it.

FreeSpeech said...

How does that devout muslim know they send porn?

Anonymous said...

I thought watching TV was condsidered 'idol worship' anyway. Bad, bad Muslims.