Netherlands: Man arrested for circumcising daughter

Netherlands: Man arrested for circumcising daughter

Radio Netherlands also reports on this case.


A man of Moroccan origin from Haarlem in the Netherlands has been charged with having circumcised his 5 year old daughter.  The Haarlem resident was already in remand.  The Haarlem court decided on Friday that he should continue to be remanded.  the daughter and other witnessed still have to testify, according to a prosecution spokesperson Saturday.

According to the spokesperson, the prosecution doesn't yet have experience with this type of cases.  According to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, nobody has yet been prosecuted in the Netherlands for female circumcision.

The man is charged with grievous bodily harm.  According to the spokesperson, experts will also check how true is the daughter's statement.  Doctors could not determine when exactly the circumcision happened, but it is supposed to have happened in recent past.
According to the spokesperson, the child is now at a safe address.  The case will proceed May 17th.

State Secretary of Health Jet Bussemaker (Labor) argued last week for a contract with immigrant parents who travel abroad in which they promise not to have their child circumcised.  The contact would concern in particular parents from 'risk-countries' such as Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.  Should parents not keep to this agreement, they would face a prison sentence.

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