Oslo: Ramadan against victimization

Oslo: Ramadan against victimization

Muslims must stop seeing themselves as victims and oppressed minorities.  They should instead define themselves as European when they live in Europe and not as Muslims in exile, Tariq Ramadan, philosopher and professor of Islamic Studies, said in a talk in Oslo.

The Islamic Council of Norway in cooperation with the Islamic Association had a talk with Tariq Ramadan on Saturday Jan. 24 titled 'To be a European Muslim: Possibilities and Challenges'.

Tariq Ramadan is a philosopher and professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Oxford.  Through his books and talks he is an active and important contributor to the debate about Islam's role in Europe.  Time Magazine chose him as one of 100 leading intellectuals and most important innovators in our century.

He thinks that in the West Muslim can more easily practice their religion than in many Muslim countries.

There are about 73% of Western people who have a negative attitude towards Islam and Muslims.  The solution is therefore not to shut oneself off and say that they don't understand and will never understand us.  The Muslims must contribute themselves to integration and to participation in society, he stresses.

Ramadan wants an institute in Norway to educate imams, instead of importing imams from abroad who don't know anything of Norwegian culture.

Source: Utrop (Norwegian)

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