Amsterdam: District to start program against forced marriage

Amsterdam: District to start program against forced marriage

In a related case, a Moroccan girl (21) from Amsterdam-West disappeared recently while on the run from her family, who was trying to force her to marry a family member.


The Labor Party in the De Baarsjes district in Amsterdam (Amsterdam-West) wants girls who go on summer vacation to sign that they are not being sent to be married.  District council member Bianca Driessen made this proposal on Thursday, copying from Rotterdam.

Girls could sign a declaration in school in which they say they oppose being married off.  If they don't come back after summer vacation, the school could use the declaration to call in the police.

According to Driessen, the problem of forced marriages happens in all the big cities.  Rotterdam began a trial with the declaration recently.  The council member says that they've heard that such marrying off also happens in Amsterdam.

According to her, marrying off often takes place secretly and the schools barely see it.  "In this way we make the problem visible and we offer help."

The party will ask next week in a motion to the alderman to study together with the municipality how such a contract can be launched as quickly as possible in De Barrsjes too, and preferably in the whole city.  GroenLinks (Greens) in the district meanwhile promised their support.

Sources: Telegraaf, Crime-Bron (Dutch)

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