EU: Large-scale police operation against Kurdish smuggling ring

EU: Large-scale police operation against Kurdish smuggling ring

A large police operation against the phenomenon of illegal immigration was launched today in 16 Italian cities and 7 European countries. Dozens of arrests have been carried out by State Police agents from Venice and the Central Operational Service (SCO) to the damage of a transnational criminal organisation based in Iraqi Kurdistan, but with different operating groups in Italy, that in the last three years has allowed thousands of Kurdish illegals to enter the EU.

As a part of the operation in Italy, called 'Ticket to Ride', coordinated by Venice's public prosecutor's office, arrests have also been reported in France, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Sweden in response to European warrants. Suspects will have to answer to the charges of criminal association and favouring illegal immigration.

''That which came to an end today has been one of the most important operations in recent years and confirms, once again, the effectiveness of actions against illegal immigrant and human trafficking that the government has implemented,'' commented Italy's Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni.

The investigation began in 2006 after checking out groups of illegal immigrants stopped in Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi, who were in this case hidden inside lorries. In some cases they had departed directly from Turkey and in this case they reached Italy by sea. Once in Italy, they were transferred by the organisation to their countries of destination, above all Germany and Sweden, but also France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Norway.


Source: ANSAmed (English)

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