Italy: Terror cell apprehended, planned attacks across Europe

Italy: Terror cell apprehended, planned attacks across Europe

Four of the suspects were already in prison for other crimes, and the fifth was now caught and put in an internment camp in  Sicily.  (DA)

The attacks were planned in 2006 - so what happened now?


Italian police have issued arrest warrants for five North Africans accused of plotting terror attacks in the northern cities of Milan and Bologna in early 2006. The five are alleged to have planned attacks against the subway system in Milan and the San Petronio cathedral in Bologna which dates back to 1390.

Police claimed the five were part of an international group which is active in Algeria, Morocco and Syria.

They are facing several charges including association with the objective of carrying out terrorism in Italy and abroad and funding international terrorism.

They are also accused of recruiting and training individuals to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to carry out terror attacks against civil and military targets.

Apart from Italy, the international organisation was also believed to have been looking at activities in France, Spain and Denmark.

Source: AKI (English)

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