Oslo: 40% of schools have immigrant majority

Oslo: 40% of schools have immigrant majority

A year and a half ago, 48 out of 138 elementary schools  (34%) had an immigrant majority.  The new statistics show that quite a few schools closed down.


In Oslo, 51 of the 125 elementary schools have a majority of minority-speaking students.  It is unknown how many of those who change schools have a minority background.

The Education Agency in Oslo, which has data for most things, lacks oversight of how many use the ordinance for free school-choice.  It is the school in question which makes the decision over who gets to exchange schools.  A survey of principals in Oslo shows that the number of departures varies a lot.

At Hersleb school (94% minority-speaking students) in Oslo indre øst,  30 of 138 students who began 8th grade, looked for other schools.

At Holmlia school, 8 out of 130 wanted to exchange school this year.  In Gran school (93% minority-speaking students), 7 students wanted to leave the school, while 39 asked to join it.

Mortensrud school (97% minority-speaking students) didn't have concrete numbers available, but the principal estimates that 40-50 students move to and from the school every year, but the number of students remains stable.

None of the principals could say how many of those who exchanged schools were of minority background.

Source: Utrop (Norwegian)

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