Netherlands: 24% of Turks, 22% of Moroccans over 65 in 2050

Netherlands: 24% of Turks, 22% of Moroccans over 65 in 2050

The non-Western immigrants in the Netherlands will age quickly in the coming decades.  According to the news immigrant prognosis of the CBS (Statistics Netherlands), the number of non-Western 65+ will increase from just less than 70,000 today to about 520,000 in 2050.

The ethnic Dutch population is much more aged than the immigrant population.  currently just 1 in 27 (3.7%) non-Western immigrants in the Netherlands are 65 or over.  Among ethnic Dutch that's 1 in 6 (17%).  Around 2040 the aging of the ethnic Dutch population will reach its high point: 29% will be 65 or over then.

Among non-Western immigrants the percent of elderly will continue to grow after 2040.  It is expected that in 2050 almost 18% of the non-Western immigrants will be 65+.  The non-Western population of the Netherlands will then be as aged as the ethnic Dutch of 2009.

The three biggest non-Western groups: Turks, Moroccans and Surinamese, will increase less quickly than in the past and age a lot.  In 2050, 30% of the Surinamese in the Netherlands will be 65+, and thereby be even more aged than the ethnic Dutch population.  Among Turks, 24% will be 65+ and among Moroccans 22%.

Almost all non-Western elderly who now live in the Netherlands belong to the first generation.  In 2050 a fifth of non-Western elderly (65+) would have been born in the Netherlands and be part of the second generation.  The so-called third generation, which is made up of children of 2nd generation immigrants, is considered 'ethnic Dutch'.

Source: Statistics Netherlands (Dutch)

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