Austria: IGGiÖ calls Muslims to vote

Austria: IGGiÖ calls Muslims to vote

The Austrian Islamic Believers Denomination (IGGiÖ) called on Austrian Muslims today (Thurs) to vote in Sunday's European Parliament (EP) election.

IGGiÖ said voting would be "an opportunity to reject hostility to Islam, baiting and the playing off of ethnic groups against one another."

The organisation said Austrian Muslims should exercise their right to vote under the motto "Integration through Participation."

It added the chance to take part in the democratic process was "a tremendous responsibility and even an obligation."

IGGiÖ said each Muslim should decide which candidates should represent Austria in the EP and "whether the European peace project should be constructively continued or be blocked by fear fomented by populists."

"Populists" has been seen as an indirect reference to the right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ), which has run a controversial EP election campaign.

Austrian Islamic Community President Anas Schakfeh recently said FPÖ campaign posters were reminiscent of Nazi persecution of Jews.

Schakfeh added that FPÖ slogans like "the Occident in the hands of Christians" had reminded him of the horrors of the Holocaust which had started with verbal attacks on Jews.


Source: Austrian Times (English)

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