Netherlands: 51% of Muslims considering leaving

Netherlands: 51% of Muslims considering leaving

More than a third of Turkish and Moroccan Muslims (36%) in the Netherlands want to emigrate due to the increasing popularity of Geert Wilders. More than half (51%) are considering leaving more and more often. This according to a survey by actuality program NCRV Netwerk.

Wilders' PVV party triumphed in the recent EU elections. Netwerk wanted to know what influence this had on the feeling of belonging among Muslims. 76% still feel they belong in the Netherlands, but for a majority of 57% that feeling has decreased, according to the survey which will be shown this evening on the show. Three quarters of the Muslims think it would be a threat if the PVV would be part of the cabinet after the next elections. Strikingly, 90% expect that such a cabinet will be unsuccessful.

Additionally, 75% have a feeling they're judged more negatively than in the past. 40% says they're more often discriminated. 24% says they're regularly discriminated against in the Netherlands.

18% do agree with Wilders' on some points and 4% even think that the politician will be able to solve many problems if he gets into government. Most of those interviewed say they are angry and disappointed about his statements, more than 20% say they feel hate. A third think it's logical that some of the Dutch vote for him.

40% think Wilders should just be ignored, while 35% think it's better to conduct talks with Wilders and his followers. Other ways to respond to the rise of the PVV include a loud counter-voice, dealing with the problems in the Muslim community and establishing a Muslim party.

Two thirds see a future for themselves in the Netherlands. This holds particularly for the youth. Of Muslims older than 35, 43% don't believe in staying longer. It is unclear how many of the Turks and Moroccans in the Netherlands are Muslims.

The results of the study correspond to statements made by Rotterdam alderman Hamit Karakus in the Volkskrant newspaper on Monday. He says that young Muslims ask themselves more and more often if they have a future in the Netherlands, and he also named the rise of the PVV as a reason for it.

Sources: Telegraaf; Trouw 1, 2 (Dutch)

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