Eindhoven: Imam to fight homophobia

Eindhoven: Imam to fight homophobia

The imam of the Arrahmaan mosque wants to make homosexuality more debatable among Muslim youth in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).  He will soon convene a meeting in the mosque in the Woensel district.

On Thursday evening imam Ahmed El-Ouazzani will visit the gay Eindhoven resident who has been intimated in recent months by youth of Moroccan origin.  The man had been pestered by a group of minor Moroccans since April: they called him names, pelted his house in Woensel-Zuid with eggs, and vandalized the entrance.  The victim had lodged a complaint.  The pestering stopped after Moroccan 'neighborhood-fathers' started patrolling the streets and speaking with parents about the behavior of their children.  Parent sent the man flowers.

The imam already spoke with the young perpetrators.  "They understand that what they've did is not acceptable.  I told them that we must live together in this country, respect each other and leave people alone.  I want them to offer their apologies," says El-Ouazzani, who spoke earlier this year in a panel evening in Eindhoven about homosexuality and Islam.

Source: Eindhovens Dagblad, Telegraaf (Dutch)

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